Should there be the Best Male Football Blog?

It’s that time of year when the best football writers are acclaimed for their work. The Football Blogging Awards does a fantastic job in highlighting and rewarding those who write, not for money or recognition but because they enjoy writing about the sport they love. As the blogging world has grown so have this year’s awards. Prizes will be handed for 11 categories including, Best New Football Blog, Best Established Football Blog, Best Young Football Blog and Best Female Football Blog. However one award which has been dropped this year is the Best Male Football Blog.
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Globe Blogs of Football – Scottish Soccer Show

In a new feature on the site we have interviewed various websites who cover football in specific areas of the world. Hopefully this will give an insight into the work of people who share their knowledge of the game.

The first interview, with Bundesliga Fanatic, can be found here.

In the second part of the series is Scottish Soccer Show, who can also be found on Twitter.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself/the team/contributors?

My name is Gerry and I created the Scottish Soccer Show however we generally rely on fans of the games to write for us. We have many different writers who range from weekly articles to sporadic appearances and we are grateful to all of our contributors. Most of the writers have a Scottish team which they write about and we have some writers looking at Scotland as a whole, the national team, youngsters and all kinds of topics.

2. How did you first get interested in football from the region you cover?

I myself as the founder of the Scottish Soccer Show really developed an interest for all Scottish teams through playing various football management games such as LMA, Football Manager and FIFA Manager. I have been almost every team to be and developed a strong affection for many Scottish teams as well as generally enjoying watching Scottish football regularly.

3. What inspired you to start your site?

The lack of negativity which has surrounded Scottish football in recent years was one of the major factors I started the Scottish Soccer Show because I wanted to put a positive spin on it. Also what could be better than writing about something you love?

4. What is the purpose of your site?

The purpose of my site is to find the latest news, rumours and on-goings in Scottish football as well as opinions pieces. We also promote Scottish football activities such as Adventure Kicks (An adventurous football training camp), local futsal and amateur teams.

5. Summarise your site in your own words.

The Scottish Soccer Show is a happy-go-lucky website which enjoys just being around. With a strong following and regular updates we are confident that our blog is one of the best in Scotland.

6. How long has the site been running?

The Scottish Soccer Show has officially been running since February 2014 and our new website has been running since June.

7. How has the site grown since you started?

The site has grown immensely in such a short time. We have had tremendous contributions and feedback and even linked up with some other great blogs. By July 2014 we have been averaging over 4,000 readers a month and the figure is growing greatly each month.

8. What has been the most popular article/feature on the site?

The most popular feature on the Scottish Soccer Show was actually a non-sports related piece about a young boy called Oscar Knox. I wrote a poem about his struggles and wished him well and we had a lot of readers. Everyone said they were very touched by the poem. Sadly Oscar passed away not long after I wrote the poem.

9. How do you keep up to date with the region you cover?

I am always checking twitter and watching what is happening in Scottish football to keep up to date.

10. What advice would you give to other football writers/bloggers?

For a start out blog or writer I would advise them to find more established blogs which allow them to put their work on, such as the Football Blogging Awards. This gives you a platform to work from and helps you interact with many more like minded people. Also just be confident in your writing ability, not too much that you think you can’t improve but be confident and ambitious.