Using 3G Pitches for Football

The debate over the use of 3G synthetic pitches in professional football has been ongoing for a few years now as many organisations like schools and sports clubs are having them installed to save money on maintenance and to generate extra revenue. 3G pitches are often used in international football and there was also a recent decision to allow the artificial surfacing to be used in FA cup matches. However there are still doubts from many over the performance qualities of 3G surfacing and whether the artificial grass is suitable for the English Football League.
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Should there be the Best Male Football Blog?

It’s that time of year when the best football writers are acclaimed for their work. The Football Blogging Awards does a fantastic job in highlighting and rewarding those who write, not for money or recognition but because they enjoy writing about the sport they love. As the blogging world has grown so have this year’s awards. Prizes will be handed for 11 categories including, Best New Football Blog, Best Established Football Blog, Best Young Football Blog and Best Female Football Blog. However one award which has been dropped this year is the Best Male Football Blog.
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