Johnny Cooper Championship Manager – “The Story of Mansfield Town FC 99/00 (according to Championship Manager)

New author and self-­confessed Championship Manager addict Chris Darwen has released his first book, a parody of Mansfield Town FC’s 99/00 season using the legendary computer game, Championship Manager, to create the narrative.


Championship Manager was the bestselling football management computer game ever written and this week, by coincidence, celebrated the 22nd anniversary of its first ever release. Following many, many, many (and them some more) hours playing Championship Manager and then Football Manager over the years, Darwen finally got the guts together to write the parody account of a season.

The book is already attracting quite a following, many people are being taken back to the memories of spending time locked in their bedrooms trying to decide which formation to use, which striker to sign and dreaming of Champions League glory.

“Great read, it draws you in until that you reach the stage that you are begging for Mansfield to win!! Within about 20 minutes I found myself having to pause to buy the 2014 version of the game…. I thought I had kicked the habit but Johnny Cooper seems to have re-­‐ignited my love of championship manager! Looking forward to a sequel!” L Burgess, 4 Sept 14

“This Book is Brilliant! Brings back so many memories of which I and so many others can relate to. If you have spent at some in your life so much time holed up in your room playing Champ Man, Football manager or any other football simulator games for hours on end then this book is for you!” A Lakhani, 4 Sept 14

Can Johnny, in his first managerial role, lead the Town to promotion in his first season? Sit back and let him guide you through the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the believable and the totally unbelievable of the 1999/2000 season according to Championship Manager.

Book is available on Kindle through Amazon, priced £4.99 for print and £1.99 for Kindle

For media enquiries and images about the book, please contact Chris Darwen on



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